Kress Building

Kress Building

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Samuel H. Kress was the founder of the S. H. Kress & Co. five and ten cent store chain. Unlike most businessmen of his day who opened their stores in large urban areas, Kress established his stores in small cities he felt had the most growth potential.

Kress kept architects on staff and envisioned his stores as works of public art that would contribute to the cityscape for years into the future. Kress Stores became the jewel of many of these cities, which at the time only had a dry goods or general store.

At one time, there were over 200 local Kress Stores in 29 states each with unique architecture and each one different from the next. Kress Stores came in Gothic Revival and Greco-Roman style, but the favorite design through the years are the Art Deco Kress Stores by architect Edward Sibbert.

As your local Kress building goes, so goes your downtown.

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