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A self pour beer bar, also known as a self serve beer bar or taproom, is a unique type of establishment that allows patrons to pour their own beer from a selection of taps. It offers a self service experience where customers have control over the amount and variety of beer they choose to pour.

Self Pour BeerIn a self pour beer bar, the layout typically consists of a wall or several walls lined with beer taps. Each tap is connected to a keg, which holds a specific beer variety. The taps are equipped with technology that allows customers to dispense their desired amount of beer by activating the tap and pouring it into their glass or container.

What are the Advantages of Self Pour Beer Bars

There are a ton of advantages when discussing the self pour beer bar concept and self serve beer bars offer several benefits that contribute to a unique and enjoyable experience for customers. Just below we discuss five advantages of self pour beer bars:

  • Variety and Exploration:

    Self pour beer bars typically boast a wide selection of beers on tap, including local craft brews, seasonal offerings and unique flavors and styles not to mention wine and cocktails on draught. This variety allows customers to explore and sample different beers at their own pace, trying small pours of multiple options without committing to a full pint. It provides an opportunity to discover new favorites and expand their beer palate.

  • Customization and Control:

    Self serve beer systems give customers complete control over the amount of beer they pour. Whether they want a small taste, a half-pint or a full pint, they can pour the desired quantity. This level of customization allows individuals to curate their drinking experience based on personal preferences and pace, ensuring they can enjoy the perfect pour every time.

  • Engaging Experience:

    The self-pour concept adds an interactive and engaging element to the beer drinking experience. Customers become active participants in the process, from selecting the beer to pouring it themselves. This involvement fosters a sense of connection with the beer and the establishment making the experience more memorable and enjoyable.

  • Efficient Service and Reduced Wait Times:

    Self pour beer bars streamline the service process, eliminating the need for bartenders or waitstaff to pour every individual drink. This efficiency translates into reduced wait times, especially during peak hours or busy periods. Customers can pour their own beer whenever they’re ready, ensuring a faster and more convenient service experience.

  • Cost Transparency and Flexibility:

    Self-pour systems often operate on a prepaid card system, where customers load credit onto a card and use it to pay for their beer pours. This setup offers transparency in terms of pricing, as customers can see the cost per ounce or pour displayed on screens or monitors. It allows them to monitor and manage their spending, promoting a more informed and controlled drinking experience.

Additionally, customers can add more credit to their cards as needed, providing flexibility in terms of budgeting and consumption. The customer gets what they want, at the amount they want it, when they want it and how they want it. The operator gets safety, paid up front and a manageable work flow.

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It’s important to note that responsible consumption is a key consideration in self-pour beer bars. Operators typically have measures in place to promote responsible drinking, such as monitoring pour limits, age verification and staff assistance to ensure patrons are not overindulging. These measures help create a safe and enjoyable environment for all customers.

Self-pour beer bars offer a unique and engaging experience, providing a wide selection of beers, customization options and efficient service. They cater to beer enthusiasts who enjoy exploring new flavors, value control over their pours and appreciate an interactive and social drinking experience.

How Does a Self Pour Beer Bar Work?

It’s really not as much of a learning curve as you would think. It’s basically pay and pour. But just in case, we’ve outlined the process when visiting a self-pour beer bar and it usually involves the following steps:

  1. Check-in:

    Customers typically check in at a counter or register upon entering the establishment. They may need to provide identification, age verification and set up a payment method.

  2. Obtaining a Payment Card:

    Most self-pour beer bars operate on a prepaid card system. Customers receive a payment card or armband loaded with a certain amount of credit that they can use to pour beer. The card or armband is often linked to their account, allowing them to track their consumption and pay for the beer they pour.

  3. Exploring the Beer Selection:

    Once customers have their payment card or armband, they can explore the variety of beers available on tap. Self-pour beer bars often offer a wide range of craft beers, local brews and seasonal selections. Information about each beer, such as style, ABV and tasting notes, may be displayed near the taps or on digital screens.

  4. Pouring Beer:

    Customers approach the beer tap of their choice, swipe their payment card or armband on a reader, this in turn activates the tap so they can start pouring their desired amount of beer. The system measures the quantity poured, deducts the corresponding cost from their payment card’s credit and displays the amount poured on a screen or monitor.

  5. Enjoying the Experience:

    With their beer poured, customers can savor their selection, socialize with friends or other patrons and explore additional beer options. They can repeat the process and try different beers at their own pace.

Self pour beer bars offer several benefits to both customers and operators. For customers, the self service aspect allows for greater exploration and customization, as they can sample a variety of beers and pour smaller or larger servings as desired. It also provides an interactive and engaging experience.

On the other hand, operators benefit from reduced labor costs, as customers handle the pouring themselves and they can track consumption data to manage inventory and make informed decisions about their beer offerings.

How to Find a Self Pour Beer Wall Near Me

Did you know that the fastest growing beer bars and taprooms and moving over to a self pour beer wall system? If you’re searching for a self-pour beer wall you’re in luck. To find a self-pour beer bar near you, just follow these steps:

Start by conducting an online search using search engines or review websites. Use keywords such as “self pour beer bar near me” “self serve beer bar near me” or “taproom with self-pour near me” along or type those in and add your location or the name of your city. This will help you find establishments that offer self-pour beer options in your area.

Visit popular review websites or apps like Yelp, TripAdvisor or Google Maps. Enter your location and search for “self-pour beer bars” or similar terms. These platforms often provide user reviews, ratings, photos and additional information about the establishments, helping you make an informed decision.

Check social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Many self-pour beer bars have a presence on these platforms where they share updates, promotions and events. Search for hashtags related to self pour beer bars or follow local beer related accounts to stay informed about the latest offerings in your area.

Engage with local beer communities or forums. Join online groups, forums or social media communities dedicated to craft beer enthusiasts in your area. Members of these communities often share information about self-pour beer bars or other events and establishments.

Ask friends, colleagues and family members who are familiar with the local beer scene for recommendations. They may have visited self pour beer bars in your area and can provide first hand experiences and insights.

Check the websites and social media pages of local breweries or brewpubs. Some breweries have integrated self pour beer systems within their taprooms or offer special events featuring self-pour options. Keep an eye out for announcements, taproom listings or event calendars on their websites.

Once you have identified potential self-pour beer bars near you, it’s a good idea to visit their websites or social media profiles to learn more about their offerings, operating hours and any specific requirements or policies they may have.

Self Pour Beer Wall Companies

Self pour beer wall installers have been operating in the beer industry for several years. Please note that it’s always advisable to conduct your own research and due diligence to find reputable self pour beer wall installers in your specific region.

  • PourMyBeer:

    PourMyBeer is a prominent player in the self-pour beer wall industry. They specialize in providing self serve beer and beverage technology solutions, including self-pour beer walls. Their systems typically include a range of features such as RFID-enabled wristbands or cards to track pours, digital screens displaying beer information and remote monitoring capabilities. PourMyBeer works closely with contractors to design and install customized self pour beer systems to meet specific needs.

  • iPourIt:

    iPourIt is another well known installer and provider of self-pour beer wall technology. They offer comprehensive self serve beer dispense systems that cater to various establishments, including bars, restaurants and entertainment venues. iPourIt’s solutions often include RFID wristbands and swipeable cards, touchscreen interfaces for beer selection and pouring, and detailed data analytics and client history to track pour volume and customer preferences. They assist businesses throughout the installation process and provide ongoing support and maintenance.

  • Drink Command:

    Drink Command specializes in self-pour technology and offers solutions for self pour beer walls, as well as self serve beer, wine and cocktail systems. Their installations often feature user friendly touchscreen interfaces, real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities and customizable options for branding and display. Drink Command works closely with beer architects to design and implement self-pour systems that align with their specific requirements and provide a seamless customer experience.

It’s important to research and evaluate multiple installers, comparing offerings, customer reviews, pricing and support services. Additionally, local regulations, permits and licensing requirements may vary, so consulting with local authorities or legal experts is advisable before implementing a self-pour beer wall in any establishment.

Overall, self pour beer bars provide a unique and innovative way for beer enthusiasts to discover, sample and enjoy a wide selection of beers, while also offering operational efficiency and an engaging customer experience.

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